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The web site of reference concerning Alchemy.
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Site dedicated to alchemy and proposing tens of books for downloading.
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French site dedicated to alchemy. A mine of information.
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This site si dedicated to alchemy, hermetism and spagyrie. Many texts can be found online.
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The alchemy of the Heart, by an operative alchemist. Interesting theory about Fulcanelli.
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  Initiatic societies
Independent French masonic site.
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Site of the lodge of Alexandrie, in the Misraïm rite. That lodge has for ambition to be a lodge of research. Its axis of work is linked to the history of the city it took its name from.
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Miror site of the late It analyzes the traditional symbolism. A complete chapter is dedicated to Grasset d'Orcet and his phonetical cabbale or language of the birds.
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Web site for designers who want to share experience or look for advices.
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Web portal about the Rennes-le-château area.
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Site dedicated to the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery
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Portuguese website about the mystery of Rennes-le-Château
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Excellent site developing the inner adventure through authors and themes typical of the esoterical tradition
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Multilingual, moderated group for the study of Integral Traditionalism, as exemplified by the works of René Guénon.
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The purpose of this site is the to provide information in the fields of traditionalism, metapolitics, esotericism, the conservative revolution and the interfaces between politics, religion and the occult. The interests are focused on the development of closer ties between the worlds religions and nations on the background of one, pre-historic, all-human, primordial tradition, which is subject to reconstruction.
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Documents on Christian Esoterism
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~ Religio Perennis ~ Web site developed around the concept of the perennialist school. The perennialist school is structured around the major figures who gave shape to its philosophy. If Guenon's authority dominates the entire school, the Perennialists have then congregated around several leading personalities: F. Schuon, M. Valsan, J. Evola ... and around various themes and questionings: quintessential esotericism, the statute of Christian sacraments, politics and the Tradition ...
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This web site is mainly dedicated to the history of the Craft StoneCutters.
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Web site whose objective is to gather documents and people related to the Sophia Perennis. Particularly valuable because it contains audio link to a conference whose authors texts have been gathered in a book called "Paths to the Heart". A must see and must hear!
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Khidr literally means 'The Green One', representing freshness of spirit and eternal liveliness, green symbolizing the freshness of knowledge “drawn out of the living sources of life.” Khidr is associated with the Water of Life. Since he drank the water of immortality he is described as the one who has found the source of life, 'the Eternal Youth.' He is the mysterious guide and immortal saint in popular Islamic lore and the hidden initiator of those who walk the mystical path.
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A discussion group about Tradition. Particularly dedicated to Romanian speaking people. Visitors of any language are welcome.
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Hungarian website fully dedicated to the Primordial Tradition.
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A Romanian webpage dedicated to Guenon and Tradition
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Rose-Cross Books has as its core the dedication for the One-and-only Tradition and the sacred symbolism,. It publishes very interesting books by very interesting authors.
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SOPHIA PERENNIS Site in Turkish about the sophia Perennis. Many texts from (René Guénon, A K Coomaraswamy, ...)
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Some Quotes from René Guénon in "East and West".
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We, LonsaiMaikov, musicians and troubadours of the Dark Age proclame music and poetry to be the ultimate weapons against modernity and all associated ideologies of decline ! We alchemist, hermetist, turn the poison to the cure and use modern music agaisnt the vanity and self suffisance of the modern world !
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  Online books
Site dedicated to christian mysticism. Thousands of pages by mystic authors are online. Some galleries of byzantin icons can also be found.
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Many books to be downloaded.
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The complete Tao te king, in French.
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