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I have recently come across this book, titled "A Pious Vision" (in Romanian - "Vedere Duhovniceasca"), written by an anonymous isichast.

He details in it the isichast method of the Prayer of the Heart, from the way the Prayer has to be thought (not spoken) to the fact that one has to find a master in order to be initiated in this practice.

The book was not intended to be published (it was written for monks on Mount Athos at around 1851). However, it was, and I would recommend reading it to anyone interested in isichasm, especially if you found "The Wrath of Gods" by Mircea Tamas interesting (I know I did).

Unfortunately, the book is written in Romanian (I was unable to find English or French editions at this time), but if you find the time to read it I am certain it will prove worth your while.

If anyone else has read it or just wants to talk about it, post your messages here.

I appologise for my English, but I am not a native speaker; also, my appologies in advance for not answering your replies in time, but I live in Romania and I am at work most of the time.
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